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How do pool chlorinators work?


How do pool chlorinators work?

Pool chlorinators are a nifty device used to maintain the chlorine levels in your pool. The best part is, they require minimal intervention, and can pretty much work solo to keep your pool water crystal clear. Pool chlorinators use either tablets or sticks to sanitize your water. Slowly dispersing them into your pool in a controlled, gradual manner, you’ll never worry about forgetting to add the chlorine again.

Whether you suffer from regular algae bloom problems or you just can’t seem to ever get the chlorine levels spot on, a pool chlorinator is the ideal chemical cleaning product. There are so many pool care products on the market, it can often be difficult to decide which one is best for your pool. Struggling to decide? Read on.

Types of pool chlorinators

  • Chlorine dispensers

You’ve got cash to splash, but you’re not sure which pool chlorinator will best suit your needs. Would you like to visit the option of a cheap alternative? A chlorine dispenser is the way to go! Easy to use, it houses your chlorine pucks as it floats around the pool. The only problem is, this type of pool chlorinator often becomes stuck in a corner.

  • Automatic pool chlorinator

The next step up from this is the automatic pool chlorinator. A device that automatically feeds chlorine to the filtered water before it’s pushed into the pool, the upside is, this type of pool chlorinator reduces chlorine corrosion of your pump and filter system.

  • Want to know if salt water chlorinators are a good option?

If you detest the smell of chlorine, and you don’t like touching home cleaning products, then a salty water chlorinator may be ideal for you! The upside of purchasing this device? You guessed it! You never need to touch chlorine again! Comprised of a control box and the salt cell, you simply top off your pool with salt a couple of times a year. It’s that simple! And it’s an affordable option too.

Pros and cons of automatic pool chlorinators

Are you ready to invest some money in an automatic pool chlorinator? As with any purchase of pool cleaning supplies, there are pros and cons to owning an automatic pool chlorinator.

Major benefits to using an automatic pool chlorinator:

  1. Works automatically, whether you’re home or away on holidays.
  2. Option to install inline or offline
  3. Works both in above ground and in ground pools

Cons to using an automatic pool chlorinator:

  1. A touch more expensive than manually adding chlorine
  2. Some maintenance and upkeep required over time
  3. May be difficult to install yourself

Ready to add a new pool chlorinator to your home cleaning supplies list?

When it comes to sheer convenience and safety, nothing beats having a pool chlorinator.

As a major supplier of home cleaning products, our team at Sunderland Cleaning Supplies know firsthand the hard work involved in caring for your home swimming pool. So, we’re here to simplify your pool maintenance routine! Any questions you may have, any pool cleaning supplies you may need, we’re happy to answer all your questions online, over the phone on 02 6722 1130, or in person.

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