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The Best Bathroom Cleaners for Residential and Commercial Applications


In the average commercial building, bathrooms take up minimal space but they account for most of the germs, mess and building complaints. We show you how to battle bathroom gunk with commercial grade cleaning products that quickly eliminate soap scum, water deposits, lime scale, uric acid, rust and offensive odours.

Cleaning toilets and urinals

Toilets and urinals are the biggest pain points of a dirty commercial bathroom. The first step is to remove any debris from in and around the urinals. Place any urinal strainers in a bucket of disinfectant solution and flush the toilets to make sure it is clear and working efficiently. Remove all visible soils with a multipurpose cleaner or quality disinfectant. The experts at Sunderlands Cleaning recommend pre-treating the toilet exterior and allowing the solution to stand for a few minutes before wiping. The standing time depends on the product you are using and the extent of soiling. Refer to product recommendations. The Sapphire Bathroom and Toilet Cleaner doubles as a bathroom and toilet cleaner and disinfectant. Sapphire Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a specialised product for toilet bowl cleaning. For heavy-duty stains, we recommend a quality acid cleaner such as Sapphire Phos Rinse.

Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms

Cleaning and disinfecting are different procedures. You can clean bathrooms without disinfecting but you cannot disinfect them without cleaning. If you are cleaning a commercial or residential bathroom and do not need to kill germs, then you do not need to disinfect. If you are looking to kill germs, you need to disinfect after cleaning. If you are disinfecting surfaces, apply a good quality disinfectant to all frequently touched areas including toilets, sinks, door handles and dispensers. Allow the solution to stand on the surface for the recommended time. The locally made Sapphire commercial grade disinfectant range includes Duo Disinfectant, Powder Fresh Disinfectant and Lemon Disinfectant.

The best bathroom floor cleaners

It’s never easy choosing the right bathroom cleaners. On the market, you will find an incalculable number of cleaning products, all at different prices. When searching for bathroom floor cleaner, look for heavy-duty products that aggressively remove grease and odours, leaving a fresh clean scent your clients will love. Sapphire Cleaning Solutions in Inverell offer three locally made floor cleaning products – Ammoniated, Neutral and Sani-clean. Sapphire Ammoniated Floor Cleaner is for floors and tiles; Sapphire Neutral Floor Cleaner is pH neutral for polished floors; and Sapphire Sani-clean is a multipurpose cleaner and sanitiser. No more stinky mops! Sapphire cleaning products can be used as a bathroom floor and wall cleaner without spreading stinky odours.

The secret to making your bathroom smell fresh

A clean bathroom should smell pleasant all day long. If you want the freshly cleaned smell to linger after cleaning, try Sapphire Air Freshener Concentrate. Sapphire Pine Oil Cleanser is a multipurpose cleaner that deodorises as it cleans, leaving a long-lasting forest fresh pine fragrance. For a commercial-grade feminine scent, try Sapphire 3-in-1 Floral Disinfectant. Use with a mop and bucket and for spray and wipe cleaning.

The best multipurpose, glass and chrome cleaners

For a streak free shine, we recommend Sapphire Glass and Chrome Cleaner. For multipurpose commercial and residential cleaning applications, try Sapphire M.P. Orange Cleanser, Sapphire Spray & Wipe with citrus boost and Sapphire Multiclean.

The best commercial grade liquid hand wash

Complement your beautiful clean bathroom with premium liquid hand wash. Guests love our Sapphire Liquid Hand Wash Lavender Hand Wash with glycerine – also available in clear hand wash with glycerine. For bathrooms with shower facilities, try Sapphire Shower Gel Plus with aloe vera which doubles as body wash and shampoo.

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