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Sustainable packaging: Biodegradable and eco-friendly options for your business


With visions of sea turtles trapped by plastic rings and straws filling whales’ stomachs, there is no doubt that plastic packaging is dangerous to animals and the environment. With many companies pledging to implement eco-friendly packaging in the next few years, consumers are turning their backs on the evils of plastics. Sustainable packaging not only reduces our ecological footprint; it is increasingly being demanded by consumers. Sunderlands Cleaning and Pool Supplies stock a vast range of biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging and catering options for takeaways, restaurants, cafes and markets.

Why use sustainable packaging?

Biodegradable packaging is produced using biopolymers, which are molecules commonly found in living organisms, such as cellulose and proteins. This means they are safe to eat, break down quickly and are generally made from discarded plant products. This type of packaging will also decompose over time. By using sustainable packaging, you can make a difference in keeping the environment clean and beautiful. You might even attract more customers as you show that your business is trying to reduce its carbon footprint.

What sustainable packaging options are available?

In response to public demand, Sunderlands Cleaning and Pool Supplies has extended our range of environmentally friendly packaging and party supplies. Our range features natural fibre disposable plates, compostable cutlery, Palm Leaf plates and paper straws. We also have Supa Flute eco-friendly takeaway clams in all sizes.

Natural fibre disposable plates

Our disposable square plates come in a variety of sizes, including 6-inch square (15cm), 8-inch square (20cm) and 10-inch square (25cm). We also have a selection of disposable round and oval plates.

Compostable cutlery

If you are looking for sustainable knives, forks and spoons, Envirochoice cutlery is the perfect combination of strength and compostability. Able to withstand temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius, our sustainable cutlery is made from 70% plant starch bioplastics and 30% conventional plastics. This blend makes the cutlery extra strong and more economical.

Palm Leaf plates

Palm Leaf Products are not only gentle on the planet; they look great too! Palm Leaf plates and bowls are made from the naturally shed leaf sheath from the Areca Palm in India. Palm Leaf tableware is strong, semi flexible yet not brittle, odourless, water and heat resistant. This leaf sheath has its own natural grains, characteristic texture and colour. This 100% natural product is beautiful the way nature intended and can be returned to the earth.

Supa Flute eco-friendly clams

An economical food tray, our Supa Flute clams can be used for sit down or take away food including nachos and burritos, churros, sliders, paella, bao, rolls and empanadas. Light and sturdy, our Supa Flute range is perfect for stand up and sit-down meals at food markets and parties.

Paper straws

Measuring 200mm, our sustainable paper straws come in red and white stripe and black.

Sunderlands Cleaning and Pool Supplies – leading the way in sustainable packaging products in Inverell

Looking for sustainable packaging? Sunderlands Cleaning and Pool Supplies are a one-stop shop for environmentally friendly tableware. We are also a leading supplier of quality cleaning products and we’re your local experts in all things pool maintenance. For more information on our products and services, contact our friendly team on 02 6722 1130 or find us online here.

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