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The importance of professional pool & spa water testing


The importance of professional pool & spa water testing

You own a pool or spa, but aren’t sure why you really need to have your water professionally tested? It’s all part of pool ownership and good pool health management. The better balanced your water, the less cleaning, less water changing and the more you can have those long lazy afternoons relaxing, knowing that your pool water is completely safe to swim in.

Why do I need to test my pool water?

The short answer is that any pool which is using chemicals must be tested regularly to ensure the water is clean, balanced and safe to swim in. So to have a healthy pool, water testing is an essential part of maintaining water that is crystal clear and algae free, and it’s just as important to maintain the balance of chemicals in your pool. Improper water chemistry can cause damage to both your pool and equipment and beyond that, imbalanced water can cause eye irritation and hair discoloration. 

To prevent this from happening, swimming pool chemical testing is critical as it validates water quality and determines the necessary dosages for correcting water chemistry issues. Testing your water regularly is the only way to know for certain what those invisible chemicals are doing in your water. There must be enough sanitiser chlorine to ensure continuous and effective sanitation, but not too much – as this can cause discomfort for the swimmers. 

What options are there to test pool water?

There are four main kinds of testing methods;

  1. Liquid Testing
  2. Testing Strips
  3. Digital Testing
  4. Professional Water Testing (by far the most thorough and accurate) – bring a water sample to us in store at Sunderland Cleaning Supplies in Inverell and we can test your water on the spot while you wait.

How often do I test my pool water?

How often you test your pool water will vary depending on the time of year:

During Spring and Summer 

  • <h3>Inhouse testing – weekly or more if you are using the pool heavily.
  • <h3>Professional testing – every 2 weeks

Autumn and Winter

  • <h3>Inhouse testing – weekly
  • <h3>Professional testing every 4 weeks

Things to keep an eye on

You may want to test 2-3 times a week if you are new to pool maintenance until you get used to the pool fluctuations.

There are other times that you should test for balanced levels;

  • After a rainstorm/thunderstorms
  • After large groups have used the pool
  • Before beginning any form of algae treatment (pH testing is mandatory here)
  • After changes in the weather
  • After adding water
  • If you notice any issues with your water, like cloudiness or colour changes.

At Sunderland Cleaning Supplies, we offer a free computer analysis on your pool & spa water. Our fully trained staff will test your water while you wait and can advise you on an effective pool maintenance program using quality BioGuard products. Give our friendly team a call on 02 6722 1130 or contact us online here.

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